Our raw material

We purchase our tobacco exclusively from Germany. All the farmers always use high-quality seed, which ensures a very good substance. We need it for our high-quality Habayeb Shisha-tobacco

What does Habayeb mean?

Habayeb is Arabic and means: lover, beloved

A good friendship and the relationship with the great love should always be cultivated. It is best to sit together in a comfortable environment, to talk about experiences and events of life and to enjoy the moment together.

Habayeb wants to follow that and would like to strengthen the being together with friends with the help of different Shisha-tobaccos.

Pure creativity

The transformation process of tobacco into our high-quality Habayeb Shisha-tobacco requires special knowledge, artistry and a lot of passion. We constantly endeavour to create new tobacco creations apart from the basic types. When creating a new type we always follow the steps below:

We receive our high-quality flue-cured Virgina-tobacco from the producer community. After a quality check we start processing.

After the light-yellow and sweet tobacco has ran through the first processing steps, a new taste is added by our experts.

The new potential tobacco is tested in our company as well as by experts.

If the new mixture is perfect, the new Habayeb Shisha-tobacco creation is approved for manufacturing.

We are looking for you!

Are you looking for a job as a salesman? Do you like to communicate with customers and do you have highly developed negotiation skills as well as assurance in presenting a product? Then apply now!

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